Doni Nahamias: Fortune Designs™

When SBCC student, Doni Nahmias, found his first business did not work out as planned, he didn’t let that stop him from creating a second. Doni, a Spring 2014 participant in the New Venture Challenge, said “If one project doesn’t work you have to be able to let it go and move on to the next.”

Doni is now the designer and founder of a men’s clothing line, Fortune Designs™, and has his clothes in five stores, including stores in downtown Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. His sales are growing and he plans to expand his line in the near future to include pants, hats and a jacket.

He said of his experience in the SBCC entrepreneurship program, “I have gained so much knowledge in the business world and my spirit for entrepreneurship is very high. The whole New Venture Challenge experience was amazing, and I am more than thankful.”

Congratulations on your success, Doni, and thank you for exemplifying the entrepreneurial spirit!