The Scheinfeld Center provides opportunities for students enrolled in any discipline to undertake local internships with businesses that are entrepreneurial and international. We advocate for paid internships with businesses that use internships as a pathway to hiring.

The Scheinfeld Center Internship Program is for the SBCC students only. The objective of the Internship Program is threefold:

(1) Provide a framework by which students from diverse academic backgrounds can be assigned to an internship sponsor where their educational experience can be enhanced through practical work assignments.

(2) Expose interns to the real-world work environment of small business and entrepreneurship with a global reach.

(3) Provide the Scheinfeld Center, Small Business Development Center, Center for International Trade Development, and our community with the assistance of qualified students from various professional fields.


If you’re an SBCC student interested in completing an internship through the Scheinfeld Center, email Sean Comer at  to get started.


Employers interested in becoming an internship sponsor through the Scheinfeld Center can apply by reviewing the guidelines and completing the sponsor application at the links below.

Internship sponsors are required to abide by the NACE Principles for Professional Practice in recruiting, selection and hiring practices. The Scheinfeld Center reserves the right to refuse sponsor applicants based on a violation of these standards.

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