iGot-it Repairs – Izack Romero

iGot-it Repairs is a mobile iPhone repair company founded by two-time high school New Venture Challenge winner, Izack  Romero. Have a cracked iPhone screen, broken buttons, or problematic software? Izack has you covered, and he can make your device one of a kind too.

Izack came up with his business concept after breaking his own phone in 8th grade. To avoid heat from his parents, he completed his own repair, after a couple of tries. From there he began repairing phones for his friends and now serves the entire Santa Ynez Valley–a fabulous accomplishment at just 18 years old!

Izack exemplifies the value of perseverance as an entrepreneur. He took second-place in the 2013 New Venture Challenge, and rather than being satisfied, he refined his IGot-it Repairs business model to take first place in 2014.

“Winning the New Venture Challenge gave me credibility and builds trust with customers and other entrepreneurs because it shows I’m committed,” Izack says. “The publicity also helped my business grow.” He’s now attending SBCC on the scholarship he won in the New Venture Challenge. Congratulations on your continued success, Izack! Check it out: http://igotitrepairs.webs.com/