John Harmon: Oil Slick™ Beach Tar Remover

Local SBCC student and surfer, John Harmon, was tired of cleaning the tar off his feet with harsh chemicals after he went surfing. So, he created his own eco-friendly non-toxic beach tar remover: Oil Slick™

John launched Oil Slick in the Scheinfeld Center’s Enterprise Launch™ program during the fall 2014 semester, and has since created a website ( and sells his product in six stores, including Channel Island Outfitters and A-Frame Surf Shop. He said one the most valuable things in learned in Enterprise Launch was how to research his industry and competition.

John went on to win first place in the 2015 New Venture Challenge, and his business will participate in the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival in April. With his eyes on the future, he plans to expand his business by selling Oil Slick™ online, and he has created another product for removing hand tar which he plans to market to auto mechanics. “Enterprise Launch pushed me to go for it,” he said. The Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation supports your continued success, John!

2015 Student Update  – John Harmon Presents at CBIS VI

John’s victory at the 2015 New Venture Challenge, led to an invitation to present at the 2015 Clean Business Investment Summit™ at the University of California, Santa Barbara. CBIS brings together high-growth, sustainable, socially responsible enterprises from all over the world to present their companies to investors. Investors range from leading angels to VCs and beyond, who are looking for viable, ethical Clean Business opportunities.

Looking for safe, ecofriendly, & efficient tar removal after a day at the beach? Check out