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Convert Marketing is a Facebook advertising agency for lifestyle brands. They leverage the power of the internet to build awareness of your company within your target audience for higher profitability.

Founder: Justin Richard

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A New Jersey native, Justin moved to California when he started school at Santa Barbara City College. He previously worked a brief stint in real estate investing. With an endless curiosity to keep learning, the 25-year-old entrepreneur is a firm believer in working hard to achieve your dreams, regardless of age.

The Scheinfeld Center gave me the direction of where I wanted to go in my entrepreneurial journey. It definitely helped me get where I am today.

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Justin Richard's Success Story

Justin Richard's Success Story

While many companies specialize in digital advertising or branding, Convert Marketing does both. As a Facebook advertising agency for lifestyle brands, they use a six-step process to better understand a company’s target audience and then create specialized content for their customer.

They study organic comments, emails, and reviews from customers to learn what their customers are thinking – something a robot cannot do. Convert Marketing then tailors their campaigns through social media, content creation, drip campaigns, analytical tracking, and influencer reach outs. Because the content “speaks the language of the customer,” they don’t feel like they are being targeted solely for a sale.

In January 2017, Convert Marketing helped portable cooler company Maluna surpass its Kickstarter campaign goal by nearly $300,000. Starting business in early 2016, the company has doubled its revenue each month for the last two months.

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Congratulations on your latest success, Justin. We wish you continued growth going forward!

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