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Melonboard Overview

Melonboard is an electric skateboard that revolutionizes the personal transportation industry by providing a well-engineered and affordable solution to traveling short distances.

Founder: Johannes Beck

About the Founder

Johannes Beck was a student at Santa Barbara City College, majoring in international business. He is currently living in his home country of Norway. Johannes has many years of experience in longboarding and international trading.

The Scheinfeld Center has a big role in my success as a person and through my company. I have never been at a place with more knowledgeable and skilled people in the world of entrepreneurship.

Johannes Beck's Story

Johannes Beck's Success Story

Melonboard is an electric skateboard that allows 18 miles of travel on a single charge at a speed of up to 21 miles per hour. Johannes designed Melonboard after breaking his leg and needing a better and more affordable solution to travel short distances. Whether his destination was too far to walk, too short to drive, too sweaty to bike uphill, or lacked a place to secure his bike, he realized traveling small distances created challenges that many people experience.

Melonboard is a sustainable transportation solution for commuting around urban areas. The battery can be charged in 2-3 hours from a standard A/C power source and its regenerative braking system recycles power used when braking to recharge the battery. At 13.2 pounds, Melonboard is also lightweight and portable.

Melonboard’s primary target market is 21-year-old students who are on the move and travel distances to get to work, school and the other activities they attend each week. Melonboard helps people travel from A to B in a fun, fast, and affordable way.

Awards & Scholarships

Awards & Scholarships, Plans for Use

$5,500 for winning the 2016 New Venture Challenge. Johannes applied his winnings toward marketing and travel to his manufacturer in Shanghai, China to ensure that Melonboard’s continued superior quality and the workers achieve the pay and working conditions they deserve.

Program / Award Year & Category

New Venture Challenge, 1st Place, Collegiate Tier, 2016
Enterprise Launch student, Fall 2015
New Venture Challenge Finalist, Collegiate Tier, 2015

Best wishes in your new ventures across the pond!

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