CraigFetch – Ricardo Haynes & Alfred Pacheko

Ricardo Haynes and Alfred Pacheko, 2nd place college tier winners of the 2013 Scheinfeld Center New Venture Challenge, continue to thrive two years after their successful capture of the $2500 prize.

CraigFetch is a local retrieval service and small scale moving company serving the Santa Barbara community since 2013. Need to transport your purchases from retail stores, thrift shops, plant nurseries, or Craigslist? Give CraigFetch a call!

The idea for CraigFetch came as one of the founders realized how often he used his truck on a day-to-day basis and pondered the question: “What would I do if I didn’t own a truck?” His tasks were fairly simple but always required a truck and an extra pair of helping hands, and his friends often asked to borrow his truck. Ricardo and Alfred devised CraigFetch as the solution. “Anytime you need a truck and a few lads, we’re there to help.”

Contact CraigFetch at Congratulations on your continued success, Ricardo & Alfred!

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