SGC Gluten-Free Bakery – Sarahy Guzman

Sarahy Guzman, 2nd place
high-school tier winner of the 2015 Scheinfeld Center New Venture Challenge. Her dream is to open a storefront for her SGC Gluten-Free Baked Goods. Investor inquiries following the New Venture Challenge and awards have prompted her to conduct market research to gauge the level of local interest in the realization of her dream. Partnering with her mom, they have been developing recipes and baking gluten-free products for several years and already have a following of customers.

Sarahy created a survey, patiently taking weekly polls at the local farmers market this summer. So far her results have been promising! Gluten-free products, comprise an estimated $8.8 billion market that grew 63 percent in the past two years, a trend not lost on this young entrepreneur.

Looking for fresh, delicious gluten-free baked goods? Please contact SGC Gluten-Free Bakery at Congratulations on your continued success, Sarahy!

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