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Fuelbox Overview

FuelBox provides quality, convenience, and performance for customers through their premium quality power products that help simplify life.

Their flagship product – The Ultimate Charging Solution – has you covered. It’s the only at home and on-the-go charging solution designed to keep your mobile devices charged wherever you go, whenever you need.

Founders: Robert Herr & Dan Friedman

About the Founders

Robert Herr – Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Thanks to a roommate that continuously lost his phone charger and Robert’s determined, solution-minded ways, FuelBox was born in 2012. Robert has his hands in just about everything – he oversees business strategy, overall operations, product development, distribution, logistics.

Dan Friedman – Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer, Dan keeps busy with market research, product positioning, media, branding, advertising, investor relations and the overall image of FuelBox. He’s an expert at anything web related, including social and viral media. He’s created an impressive marketing and branding platform for FuelBox to launch their products far and beyond.

Coming out of high school, I did not feel mentally prepared to go to a four-year university. I was not ready to pick a major right away, and needed time to figure out what it was that I wanted to do with my life. Santa Barbara City College was the perfect place for me to dip my toe in the water, and figure out what inspired me
– Dan Friedman

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The Fuelbox Story

Fuelbox Success Story

Robert Herr and Dan Friedman met during their second year at Santa Barbara City College. They were mentored in the Scheinfeld Center’s Enterprise Launch™ program, where they first developed the FuelBox™ concept.

Their flagship product – The Ultimate Charging Solution – is the only at home and on-the-go charging solution designed to keep your mobile devices charged wherever you go, whenever you need. It’s simple, clean and provides a convenience factor unlike any other charging product available today.

The product went on the market in late 2016 and was named one of the best charging solutions at the 2017 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.

During their time at SBCC, Robert and Dan utilized many resources offered by the Scheinfeld Center to develop their company, including asking faculty for help with their first patent and developing their company into a brand.

There are so many challenges that go along with making a tangible product. Dan and I utilized several resources on campus that prepared us to build our business, and a couple years later, we raised seed capital, hit major milestones, and are moving forward with retail distribution and production. – Robert

Awards & Scholarships

2012 Enterprise Launch Program participants

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