Dr. Beebe Interview in PCBT

  1. In a technology-driven society, the landscape of some careers is changing. What certificate programs are you offering to align the needs of shifting industries?

• Beebe: At SBCC, we recognize that our technology-drive society means we need to ensure that he college continues to best meet the needs of our workforce. Our deans and faculty are attuned to these changing needs and seek to enhance and expand our degree and certificate options. Some examples include expanding our automotive service technology certificate to incorporate electric vehicle technology, many of our computer applications and drafting programs have expanded into 3-D Printing, our nursing program continues to be very strong, and our career and technical education programs are always seeking to provide students with 21st century skills.

Additionally, many of our programs such as the Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is at the forefront of pairing skills-building with the needs of shifting industries. We hope to build on programs such as this one with the launch of the Nadel School of Business and Entrepreneurship in the fall.

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