Our Enlightened Entrepreneurship Events began with an intimate fireside chat with Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia. It has grown into one of the most popular activities at the Scheinfeld Center. Each semester we invite significant founding CEOs to interact with our students and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in each of us.


getSTARTED with Santa Barbara’s Incubators, Accelerators, & Workspaces
Friday, February 10, 2017 • 2:30 – 4:30 pm
Fe Bland Forum / SBCC – West Campus

RSVP required (free event)

During this panel discussion and networking event in the popular Scheinfeld Center’s Enlightened Entrepreneurship Series, learn about our local startup incubators, accelerators, and workspaces. What are their unique offerings that can help your startup succeed? The leaders of local organizations will fill you in!

Shape the panel discussion now by submitting the burning questions that you want the panelists to address: https://goo.gl/forms/UCZTdJI5uNSS1Q362

Our panelists:
  • Scheinfeld Center: Julie Samson
  • G2 Accelerator: Dave Adornetto
  • Impact Hub: Diana Pereira
  • Synergy Center: Michael Holliday
  • Tech Haus: Chris Puglisi
  • The Sand Box: Kyle Ashby
  • Workzones: Pam Tanase



getFUNDED Panel & Networking Event • Friday, September 9, 2016

During this edition of the Scheinfeld Center’s popular Enlightened Entrepreneurship Series, get answers from the experts about how to fund your startup. Six panelists will join us who have “been there, done that” in terms of funding startups and want to help others like yourself do the same.


  • Gary Kravetz: Venture Capital
  • Robin Eschler: Crowdfunding
  • Mike Panesis: Angel Investing
  • Susan Block: Investment Banking
  • Robert Herr: Funded Entrepreneur, Fuelbox
  • Norah Eddy: Funded Entrepreneur, Salty Girl Seafood


  • Marty Neumeier brand designer, author, and business advisor

    Marty Neumeier is a brand designer, author, and business advisor whose mission is to bring the principles and processes of creativity to industry.

  • Gene Montesano Co-founder of Lucky Brand Jeans

    Gene Montesano launched Lucky Brand blue jeans in 1989 along with co-founder Barry Perlman.

  • LYNDA WEINMAN Co-Founder of Lynda.com

    Lynda Weinman is co-founder and executive chair of lynda.com, one of the most successful companies in online education today.

  • PAUL ORFALEA Founder of Kinko's

    Paul Orfalea is the founder of Kinko’s – the most successful American copy store chain – a philanthropist, and a serial entrepreneur.

  • PAMELA LOPKER Founder of QAD

    Pam is the founder of QAD, and has long been recognized for her entrepreneurship and leadership in the advancement of manufacturing software.

  • ERIC GREENSPAN Founder of Make it Work

    Eric founded Make It Work in 2001 to satisfy the need of the fast growing consumer electronics sector.

  • LORRIE THOMAS Founder of WebMarketingTherapy.com

    Lorrie Thomas is known as the marketing therapist. She runs a web marketing agency and speaks on various web marketing-related topics.

  • DOUG OTTO Founder of Deckers Outdoor

    Douglas B. Otto is a business executive who co-founded Deckers Outdoor Corporation whose portfolio includes the UGG Australia brand.

  • BRIAN CORYAT Founder of ValueClick

    Well-known as one of the pioneers of Internet marketing, Brian has been at the forefront of several successful Internet ventures.

  • GUNTER PAULI Founder of The Blue Economy

    Gunter Pauli is a self-styled “serial entrepreneur”, author and initiator of The Blue Economy and also known as “The Steve Jobs of Sustainability”

  • JACK NADEL Founder of Jack Nadel International

    Jack Nadel is a successful entrepreneur & author of multiple business books including his most recent, The Evolution of an Entrepreneur.

  • BRUCE HEAVIN Co-Founder of Lynda.com

    Bruce Heavin is chief innovation officer and co-founder of lynda.com.

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