Hillary “Hils” McCurry: Hilsbalm

Hilary McCurry completed SBCC’s E-Launch program in May 2014, focusing on the launch of a product of her own creation after a late pivot in the course. Her product, HilsBalm, is an herbal balm that relieves bruising, swelling and aches. The balm’s ingredients includes organic and wildcrafted herbs, along with natural oils and beeswax.

Hilary created the recipe for Hilsbalm in 1995, and she’s been selling and giving it to family and friends since then. She used it during her own recovery from a 2001 snowboarding accident, and surprised her orthopedist with the rapid reduction of her bruising and swelling between exams.

In 2014 she partnered with her sister and started selling HilsBalm to a bigger market, launching their website, www.hilsbalm.com, which is linked to www.etsy.com for the purchasing. She is also selling Hilsbalm at several local venues, including Skin Deep, Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute, Santa Barbara Bodyworks, and the Center for Lymphatic Health.


Congratulations on your business success, Hilary, and the Scheinfeld Center wishes you a happy and prosperous 2015!

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