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Save Them Now is a luxury menswear line influenced by grunge rock and roll culture. Based in Los Angeles, the brand seeks to send a message to the people and future generations to change the world for the better.

Founder: Doni Nahmias

About the Founder

Doni was born and raised in Santa Barbara and is currently living in Los Angeles. He is passionate about what he does and loves to create. In his rare free time he plays basketball, goes to the gym, surfs, and draws. He loves being able to watch his friends and peers strive for their goals and succeed.

After my Scheinfield experience, a switch went off in my head – I realized that owning a business was actually an attainable goal, and that I could pursue anything I wanted. They gave me the confidence to build a vision for myself and move forward with it, opening up an entirely new mindset on business for me.

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Doni Nahmias' Story

Doni Nohmias' Success Story

Save Them Now is a luxury menswear line influenced by a grunge rock and roll culture. Based in Los Angeles, all Save Them Now garments are handmade in the City of Angels using some of the finest materials sourced from around the world. Every piece is given special treatments, washes and dye processes to make them both original and distinctive.

Save Them Now takes aspects from a grunge street style and merges it with those innate to luxury high-end menswear, making the product highly relevant to the rising blend of individuals in our society. The message behind the name of the brand is pertinent to the world we live in today and powerfully emphasizes the tacit nature of society; it employs us not to conform.

Save Them Now was featured in Paris during Fashion Week in early 2017 and is sold in select boutiques around the globe.

Awards & Scholarships

Awards & Scholarships

New Venture Challenge Finalist, 2015. Concept: Fortune Designs

New Venture Challenge, 1st Place, Collegiate Tier, 2014. His winning concept was a product called “Releash,” which was a retractable surfboard leash.

Enterprise Launch, Spring 2014

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