CannaCentrix – Tommy Kelly

Business: CannaCentrix

Founder: Tommy Kelly


CannaCentrix believes that the cannabis-inspired jewelry and home decor items currently on the market are generic, unprofessional, and tacky, and the founders aim to change that. CannaCentrix is a first-mover in applying a specialized manufacturing process to cannabis leaves (a by-product from the cannabis industry), whereby they first preserve the leaves and then electroform plate them in a jewelry lab. Since each cannabis leaf is unique, no two CannaCentrix pieces are exactly alike.

The jewelry is packaged in a black piano-wood finished box and includes an authenticity card that includes the buyer’s name, specific cannabis strain, and its unique production number.  This presentation is similar to a limited-edition art piece and provides customers a luxurious product experience. CannaCentrix pieces provide cannabis connoisseurs a way to attract and connect with like-minded members of this growing community.

CannaCentrix has already garnered much consumer interest and has received market validation through early sales. They won second place in the Scheinfeld Center’s 2016 New Venture Challenge and plan to invest the seed funding they were awarded into continued business growth.

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